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National BBQ Month

May is national Barbecue month. Did you know when Columbus discovered the Americas, he found that many of the natives were roasting meat over a wooden grill?  May is also national hamburger month because we do love to BBQ them!  Ironically it is also national blood pressure month.  I guess you won’t be surprised when {...}

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During the past months, we have had the pleasure of catering for many of our front line heroes, from the hospitals, to 911 dispatchers to the National Guard. We say " Thank you to all of them!".

Now that NYC is re-opening, we can't wait to cater for you. Meals are either packaged in our Sale & Pepe Red reusable insulated bags or white disposable bags, with everything in individual containers as well as individually packaged cutlery, and sanitary wipes sent with every meal.

We have always required our staff to wear gloves and hats, but now masks are worn and temperatures are taken and surfaces are sanitized throughout the day.

Stay safe!


Peter Semetis