National BBQ Month

National BBQ Month

May is national Barbecue month. Did you know when Columbus discovered the Americas, he found that many of the natives were roasting meat over a wooden grill?  May is also national hamburger month because we do love to BBQ them!  Ironically it is also national blood pressure month.  I guess you won’t be surprised when we tell you that May is also national salad month.


Celebrate with a Sale and Pepe Burger Banquet

Choose from our delicious assortment of:

100% beef




Jamaican buffalo burgers.

Accompanied with a choice of:

French fries

sweet potato fries

waffle fries

onion rings.



Or have an office barbecue

Choose from our Hot Luncheons favorites such as:

Mango BBQ loin of pork

honey BBQ baby back ribs

honey orange BBQ chicken.

With classic sides including:

fresh coleslaw

red potato salad

baked beans

classic mac and cheese.


As well as many other choices, just ask one of our catering specialists. We will help you build your custom BBQ for you.

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