Ballpark Menu

Ballpark Menu

If you prefer to watch your baseball games in comfortable air conditioning, we can make sure that you don’t miss out on the great ballpark food!



Ballpark Menu

Pulled Pork

Jumbo Smoked Sausage on a bun

Hot Dogs & Buns

Corn Dogs

Buffalo Wings

Potato Knishes

Hot Jumbo Pretzels

Funnel Cake

Bags of Peanuts


Ice cream cups




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We are catering hot and cold individual meals to NYC Hospitals and, wherever needed, throughout NYC for our "Front Line Pandemic Heroes".


Please refer to our Box Lunch Menu to decide what you would like to be included in the meal. This will determine the cost.

Due to reduced staff, we ask that you keep the selections to a minimum, such as 4 types of sandwiches, 2 types of salads, for ease of preparation.

All cold meals are bagged & labeled individually with packaged condiments, utensils and an alcohol based Handi wipe.


Please call or email us for the Hot Plate selections.

Due to the pandemic, when we have finished preparing our catering each day, we are closing. If you phone when we are closed, your message will be retrieved promptly at 5:00 am the next business day (Monday-Friday). If you want a quicker response please email.  If it is an actual emergency, please text or call my cell # 917 597 0363.

Thank you,

Peter Semetis